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Research and Development

HEESS has always placed great emphasis on research and development. Our aspiration is to be the leader in technology. Processes are continuously refined and optimized in close collaboration with universities, institutes, and scientific facilities.


HEESS‘s high degree of innovation is also documented by numerous patents and industrial property rights. Many applications in the hardening industry today can be traced back to HEESS developments.


In addition, HEESS is participating in numerous research projects:


  • Quenching with gaseous media in the fixture
  • RFID (radio frequency identification) for marking and identifying tools
  • Identification of workpieces during processing for clear traceability within production
  • Flow simulation and optimization of coolant flows for further development andoptimization of fixtures
  • Software system for process documentation, fault diagnostics, and online support
  • Use of servo motor drive systems


As a member of relevant technical committees, HEESS is continuously confronted with interesting challenges.

Regardless of whether the task involves large components in the wind energy or aircraft industry or large serial production in the automobile industry - HEESS will find creative and economic solutions.