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Shaft hardening and straightening machines

Shafts are frequently subjected to considerable distortion during hardening. They usually require subsequent cold straightening, which often leads to micro cracks resulting in high rejection rates.

This is not the case when using shaft hardening and straightening machines from HEESS. Distortion is significantly reduced by hardening shafts in fixtures. After hardening, the dimensions of the hardened shafts are much more accurate, and the formation of micro cracks during cold straightening is prevented.

The advantages of the shaft hardening and straightening machine:

  • Significantly lower rejection rates
  • High economic viability and return on investment
  • Low distortion, little grinding or rework required
  • Prevention of microscopic cracks
  • Fault-free tool changing
  • Integratable into the pre-hardening process
  • Modular design for one to five shafts