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Fixture hardening

Fixture hardening is the answer to continuously increasing demands on material and quality.

Modern gears, for example, are becoming smaller and lighter and the requirements for torque, smooth operation, and functionality are increasing. Increasingly thinner components are particularly susceptible to distortion during the hardening process. 

These requirements can be met only to a certain extent with batch hardening, as the precision of reproducibility for all components of a batch is hard to achieve with fixed parameters. Unlike workpieces hardened in fixtures. After the parts have been heated up in the furnace, these workpieces are individually quenched with a defined and reproducible stream of coolant thereby increasing the quality considerably.

The advantages:

  • Controllable and reproducible hardening process
  • Short setup
  • High precision
  • Minimum rejection rates
  • Extensive reduction in subsequent operations such as straightening and grinding
  • Heat-treatment shop integrated into the automation concept