Fixtures and mandrel systems

  • The fixture is the heart of the hardening machine. HEESS, a world leader in the development and design of fixtures, will help you choose the optimum design.

    Depending on the requirement, workpieces are hardened on a smooth mandrel or on a toothed mandrel. Because the mandrel is pressed out directly in the hardening station, no additional ejection devices are required. Tool costs are considerably reduced when hardening with a fixed mandrel versus an expanding mandrel.

    In addition to the different processes, different tool concepts are also developed. Tools with fixed mandrel or expanding mandrel, a base plate and one or two hold-down devices are used depending on the component.

    A system with external jaws is incorporated if the workpiece requires it. Components of different diameters can be hardened with one tool by using lamella mandrels.

  • Overview of the mandrel systems used